“Winter entertainments of 2020”

Maslenica is an ancient Russian holiday of the wires of winter, waiting for the approaching heat and spring renewal of nature. It is noted widely, with scope, for a whole week. Here and our college decided to spend snow winter, hard, fun and friendly, having organized in the open air Merry starts dedicated to Maslenica.
The following goals were set for the sports and health event: consolidation of sports knowledge, skills and skills, development of agility, speed of reaction; Nurturing a sense of collectivism and respect for each other.
The staff of KGCP “Fedorov Agricultural College” UOAKO was divided into 2 teams, before the beginning of competitions names and motto from each team were presented. After the greeting, all participants of competitions amicably began to perform such relays as: “The Most Marked,” Relay Stick, “Pull – Push,” Snowman ‘s Cake on Speed, “Skiing,” Snake, “Tug Rope.” All participants of competitions showed good sports preparation, perseverance, cohesion and will to win. After sports events by masters of production training in the specialty “Cook,” the master class on preparation of pancakes was shown, where each of the team participants had to fry on a pancake. As the folk wisdom “The first pancake – a coma” says, but at participants of these competitions the first pancake turned out surprisingly wet!
At the end of competitions and during summing up, on the territory of college one of the main attributes of Maslenica was burned – it is stuffed Maslenica. And, what Maslenica without pancakes and tea from samovar, what only pancakes were not on our holiday table – the trade union committee of our college, as always, was at the height.
After such an event, it is possible to state with confidence that our collective is a healthy, strong, friendly and powerful union of workers!

Chairman of PPO B. Sergei

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